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Owner & Head Photographer

Evan Martin

My love for photography started in nature. I would go out for hours not knowing what was going to happen or what/who I was going to find. I spent hours looking through my lense only to come home empty handed. Then one day I had the privilege of laying down on the ground with a bear for an hour while she let me capture her in her most natural state. It was life changing. I found myself unafraid of her possible attack, and completely consumed with truly capturing her. I've since found myself straddling a cliff not worrying about falling, but rather worrying about slowing my breathing to get the best shot. Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and it continues to inspire and motivate me to be my best.


This drive expands beyond nature into capturing the truth within a single moment. Whether that be shooting the joy and wonderment found during a child's first birthday party, embracing the love and commitment shown during a newlywed's first kiss, or helping a client show their softer side in their headshot to get the part in a TV show, I always strive to tell the truth in my photography. 


I've had the honor of studying under National Geographic photographers, and have received numerous awards for my work both in portrait and nature photography. 


Lauren Martin


My beautiful wife and my 2nd

photographer, Lauren is a gifted photographer and a brilliant actress. She is the Management side of the business,   

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